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second meeting summary

Page history last edited by yuk.hui 12 years, 1 month ago

Summary of the second meeting

I am trying to summarize the meeting, please feel free to edit and comment - Yuk (30/06/08)

Date: 27 June,2008

This meeting aimed to fix an action plan in the coming months regarding the ideas generated in the last meetings and discussions. We discussed the festival, anoynoumous forum, journal and other ways for an open communication.


1. Festival

There will be a week long festival around end of September or begining of October(To be confirmed), the festival will have 5 initial events and some invited events (from other departments) according to the theme of the festival.

some themes we discussed: teaching factory/sausage factory (too german)/btt machine/upside down/uncertainty

a) presentations from staff (or interested students) discussing their work or related research, it aims to create a space for mutual critiques, also serves as an introduction to the new students, and hopefully it can lead to a better academic communication in the coming year.

who will follow up this task? (James)

b) public debates among the people in the center, with several provocative topics

who will follow up this task? (please volunteer)

c) music night, the basic idea is having fun together, which may include some jam sections, new students are welcomed to play, it can be a bbq party or whatever format, the location may be in the center garden, cafe creme

who will follow up this task? (please volunteer)

d) film night, eg. 24 hours marathone cinema

who will follow up this task? (Jonathan)

e) publicities (poster/logo/??)

who will follow up this task? (Sonia)

There maybe some events involve the NX community, Alice will look into some possiblities.

Jonathan(confirmed) and Hanna(?) will coordinate with these tasks.

Budget: we didn't talk about it yet, but we will figure out how much and how to get it in next meetings


2. Journal

Hermien is innitiating a journal, the first issue is aimed to be published in october/november, it may be DIY format at the begining (photocopy), it covers both academc and non-academic works, Jonathan is interested to set up groups for different areas of studies. The first meeting will be on 1st July (I didn't know the time, please email Hermien in case you want to attend)


3. Mailing list

Since only authorized people can access the mailing list of all students, James is looking into how can we create a better way of sending emails. Also we are considering of an anoynoumous forum, also an independent mailing list (like nettime?)


4. Allotment

One of the location we consider is the garden behind the center (Andy will look into the matter?)






Comments (2)

Claudia Firth said

at 9:56 pm on Jul 2, 2008

Sorry that I had to leave before the meeting properly started. I just wanted to clarify some things for myself... Is this festival at the beginning of term just a start to a year of possible events/projects?
If so then great, because I put some proposals on the blog a little while ago about linking in a publication of workers inquiries with a public exhibition that could be the hub of various debates, discussions, workshops, film showings etc.
Some staff have responded positively to this suggestion as a starting point in various e-mails etc. But this would be a big project and could not possibly be organised for the beginning of October, particularly if outside groups were to be involved or funding applied for from arts Council etc.
See: http://athq.wordpress.com/2008/06/19/some-thoughts-on-work/

Hanna said

at 8:19 pm on Jul 7, 2008

For Claudia. The idea is exactly to see the festival as a start for a year of events and new forms of being and doing together. We have thought that a festival could bring together in the beginning of the term new and old students and staff in way that would make it easier to work actively together straight from the beginning. So in that sense, at least for me, your ideas sound perfect.

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