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CCS MA Conference 2008

Page history last edited by johanna 12 years, 2 months ago


MA Conference organised by the CCS


Conference date

02 & 03 September 2008




Ben Pimlott Building, Seminar Room


Next planning meeting:

Will be announced.

Meanwhile, please post or emails any ideas or comments for the conference / side program / party...



Meeting 03.07.08



"Release"... including its various usages...


* Invited are all MAs from CCS and from other related departments. The topics should be broadly related to Cultural Studies.


Submission of papers

* for planning purposes only. Within the frame described above, everyone is welcome to present.

* title (may be preliminary) and a 50 to 100 words abstract


Call for papers issued:                          Monday, July 7

Submission date for the abstracts:       Monday, July 21 


Email address: release.ccsgold@googlemail.com



* About 20 minutes

* Presentations will be held in batches of 3 or 4 students whose work is related.

* Themed discussion panels will follow these presentations.

* Chairs for the discussion panels: staff and PhD students

(chairs should be related to the themes of the papers presented)

Chairs will be asked:                             Monday, July 28


Side Program

* picnic (if allowed) will be set up in a social area in front of the seminar room (cookies, sandwiches, tea, coffee, juice... for breaks/lunch). The legality of this still has to be confirmed.



* Locations are currently being checked out, also possible dinner options



* Coming soon




Comments (5)

johanna said

at 12:39 pm on Jun 28, 2008

A question for your meeting... Is this just for MA Cultural Studies, or for
all Mas in CCS (do you want me to forward the invite), or for all related
MAs at Goldsmiths?

In previous years the MA conference was also held with MA Anthro and
Cultural Politics, MAs from the Centre for Urban And Community Research, and
MA Postcolonial.

the benefit of having other departments involved, would be that each could
contribute 150 pounds or so to the party you have at the end. And you can
get some of the Profs to chair panels.


johanna said

at 12:41 pm on Jun 28, 2008

Blurb last year's conference:

*Failing Better: The Greatest MA Student Conference on Earth!* - August 2006
A joint CCS and CUCR conference for MA students in Culture, Globalisation
and the City, Cultural Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Anthropology and
Cultural Politics, and Sociology. This student conference was intended as an
opportunity for Masters students in the fields broadly related to the study
of 'culture' to have an occasion to share our own exciting research and
writing, to hear other people's research directions, and to give creative
feedback and input.

johanna said

at 12:42 pm on Jun 28, 2008

Blurb 2
(ops, this was last year's)

*Graduate Student Conference: Theoretical Gymnastics
*31 July 2007*
*This student conference was intended as an opportunity for Masters students
in the fields broadly related to the study of 'culture' to have an occasion
to share our own exciting research and writing, to hear other people's
research directions, and to give creative feedback and input.
Being in practice, keeping in shape but also being creative, looking good,
hitting certain positions with flair, performing with grace and style -
these are all things that make contemporary cultural scholarship a gymnastic
The finest gymnast/researcher uses polymorphous sources without falling
entirely apart; they oscillate between eclecticism and rigour. The
acrobatics of the cultures we are all dedicated to pervade our own academic
performances. Style then becomes not just a question of attitude but an
integral part of our scholarly exercises. With this conference we probed
notions such as creativity, interdisciplinarity and culture/creative
industry by questioning towards ontological depth in these methods.
We invited postgraduate students from the fields of Cultural Studies, Media
& Communication, Anthropology, Sociology to participate in a day of
energetic academic athleticism. We oprganised multiple panels of three
people, put together based on areas of similarity. Term papers are welcome,
as are 'chapters' of dissertations - whatever work you have that you would
like to share and get comment on. This was a good opportunity to cut our
teeth, and learn the thrill of public speaking, among our fellow
best-and-brightest here at Goldsmiths. Everyone was invited to attend,
participate and discuss about the latest outcomes of cultural research at

yuk.hui said

at 6:25 pm on Jun 28, 2008

i still keep the website of last year's conference, guess you maybe interested to have a look

Rory said

at 10:19 am on Jun 30, 2008

hey johanna, since the RW MAIM is that day, should we move the MA Conference meeting to another day? mainly b/c i think that the MAIMs could want to be a part of the conference, and they will be setting up and all that on the 3rd. I have no problem with Alice and Tom's suggestion of having it on the 5th. or maybe we could do it earlier on the 3rd? to have more time for discussion in case any of the Interactive media students want to be a part. I think it would be GREAT if they came, as they're deal so much with the problematic "practice-theory" line that we discussed so much.
just an idea.

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